About The Nurture Project

Helping all women everywhere lead lives free from anxiety

We recognise that mind and body need to work together to overcome stress and anxiety and we have helped hundreds of people do exactly that. Using a multi dimensional approach encompassing exercise, nutrition, meditation, self care and sleep, you can and will defeat stress and anxiety for good.

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The Nurture Project

What we do

Beating anxiety for good can be done through developing a set of skills, which can be learnt like any other. Through our achievable, tried and tested 12 week program you will learn the life skills of nutrition, exercise, meditation, self care and sleep. This is delivered online, in a compassionate way, with support from others who have faced the same challenges as you.

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A Little Of Our Story

What we stand for

We believe we can help all women everywhere live lives free from anxiety. Everyone is different and that's why, through the program, we empower you to learn about your mind and body, using a tailored program and personalised trackers to understand the balance that works for you.
The Nurture Project comes from our founder, Sam Taylor's own experience of anxiety and depression as well as the hundreds of women she helped in her Melbourne studio.

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The Program

What to expect

If we can measure it, we can manage it. So when you first join us, you will complete the Kessler K10 scale which gives us an indication of your stress and anxiety levels. We then track your weekly activities (nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep and self care) and put them into this tracker on the right. We'll also continue to monitor your stress and anxiety levels each week to ensure you are feeling better. What's more, through this tracking you will be able to discover which activities impact your stress and anxiety levels and work out what you need personally to be at your best.

Women we've helped
Our remission rate
The Difference

We can help you beat anxiety for good

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Learn the life skills to defeat stress and anxiety for good

Through the 5 pillars of wellness, you will develop the balance you need to live a life free from stress and anxiety

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A daily meditation program including guided meditations for beginners as well as the more advanced

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Develop good sleeping habits through our sleep program and wake up feeling refreshed and rested

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Self Care

Learn to recognise and change the thought and behavioural patterns that lead to stress and anxiety

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Through our tailored, research-based exercise program, learn what type and how much exercise you need to beat stress and anxiety

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The dietician-approved program teaches you which nutrients you need to boost your body and mind and reduce stress and anxiety

Anne BeastonMother of 3, Melbourne

Nurture changed my life, I feel so much happier now, I know that I am good enough and I don’t worry about all the other stuff. I trust myself. I feel confident and I know that I deserve happiness

Eve CrawfordAccountant, Sydney

It didn't take too much time out of my life to do which I really appreciated, it fit in with my life and was achievable

Jackie GrahamCo founder, Brisbane

I was in a bad place when I started Nurture but the support from Sam and the team was amazing! I feel in control now and and kept up with most of what I learnt from the program

Kara ReidMarketing co-ordinator, Sydney

I used to worry about what other people thought of me a lot but it doesn't bother me anymore, I know who I am and I'm happy with her

Naomi SmithAd exec, Melbourne

The trackers were huge for me, I even tested it! I know what works for me and when I start to feel anxious I know what I need to do to get back on track

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Learn the life skills to defeat anxiety for good

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