Let’s help you beat anxiety

We believe we can help all women everywhere lead lives free from anxiety. This program is research-driven with tried and tested results, so that you can feel free, strong and in charge of your life.

Learn the life skills to

beat anxiety for good.

12 week program

With a focus on both mind and body, learn the 5 pillars of wellness to defeat anxiety.

Tailored for you

Use the trackers to measure your results and discover how different activities affect your anxiety. Receive a tailored program depending on your personal, lifestyle and dietary needs.


Connect with other people who are going through the same challenges and feel encouraged and supported as part of our community.

"Nurture changed my life, I feel so much happier now, I know that I am good enough and I don’t worry about all the other stuff. I trust myself. I feel confident and I know that I deserve happiness"

– Anne Beaston

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Through meditation, you will train your brain to live in the moment, which enables a calmer mind.
We will cultivate feelings of gratitude, joy and compassion, towards ourselves as well as others.
The meditation program includes a learn-to-meditate series of lessons as well as longer, more advanced meditations, depending on your experience.

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Getting a good night's sleep is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing.
In this program we will develop good sleeping habits to ensure you fall asleep faster, stay asleep and get good quality deep sleep.

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Self Care

A big part of this program is getting our mindset on the right path as well as our bodies. We will learn to listen to what is going on inside our minds and recognise thought and behavioural patterns that contribute to anxiety.
We will learn to extend kindness to ourselves, focus on the positive and the art of letting go.

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Exercise is so important for our mental, as well as our physical health. Through a tailored program matched to your fitness level, we will learn to incorporate gentle, moderate exercise into our daily routines.

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As there is a link between anxiety and a deficiency in the body of certain nutrients, it is crucial for anyone experiencing anxiety to learn about nourishment.
In this dietician approved program, we will discover which foods exacerbate anxiety and which foods help to alleviate it.
All the delicious recipes and meal plans are especially tailored to reduce anxiety and boost your mood, body and brain.

What to expect

Using the personalised trackers, we will be able to measure your stress and anxiety from one week to the next and track your progress. We'll also measure how each of the activities above affect your mood and find the balance that works for you.

What you get

It's really important to us that you succeed on your journey and from years of experience, we know what you need. Here are some of the highlights.

Scientifically based and research driven

Based on the very latest in academic and scientific findings, you will get the best, up-to-date and relevant research for you.

Proven to work

Tried and tested with accurate results: 80% of participants ‘benefit substantially’, 60% no longer ‘bothered by anxiety'.

Measurable outcomes

Measure your progress with the same tests used in the medical profession to measure stress and anxiety.

Simple and achievable 

Tailored to fit in with your life, we ensure the program is simple enough to be manageable, but effective enough to see results.


Our gentle and nurturing approach along with our supportive community provide you with all the encouragement and motivation you need.

Progress trackers

Using the weekly progress trackers, you will measure and learn which activities affect your anxiety so that you can find the right balance for you.

Tailored for you

Tailored program so that no matter your dietary or exercise preferences, you start from a place you feel comfortable.


Learn the life skills of exercise, nutrition, mediation, sleep and self care to defeat anxiety.


Join our close-knit, supportive community who understand what you are going through.

Jane ProsserHR Manager

I loved that everything is in one place! It takes the thinking out of it

Linda BartlettMother of 2

I didn’t realise until I did Nurture just how “in my head” I was the entire time. I was always worrying about something. I do feel lighter, calmer and more positive now!

Ellie Parker29, retail

Thanks so much Sam and Nurture - as you know, I tried everything before this and nothing worked. And now I have my life back...


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