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Energy Centre Meditation

This is a really effective way to feel rejuvenated or to manage stress. I use it when I’m feeling drained or tired.

This is an active meditation. Active meditations involve thinking about the energy in different parts of the body and connecting with those energy centres. I know this sounds a little woowoo but stay with me here 🙂

Most of us tend to focus our physical and emotional energy on one or two centres. For example, when you feel nervous or excited, perhaps you can feel that emotion in your gut, or in your upper abdomen or in your heart area.  Well the idea is that these areas are energy centres in the body (some teachings say 5, some 7, but it’s essentially the same).

Each energy centre corresponds to a major hormonal gland in the body. It’s worth exploring each of these centres in meditation and it’s likely that you will find that you’ve been ignoring a few or holding tension or stress in others. The theory goes that if you can focus your attention on each of these centres and release that tension or stress by breathing into them, your energy will flow better through the body and emotional and physical problems will ease. 

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