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Video: Essential nutrients for anxiety and stress? A look at selenium.

A deficiency in certain nutrients has been linked to stress and anxiety and today’s focus is on selenium.

Selenium in a trace mineral found in small quantities in the body. Selenium helps your body to make antioxidant enzymes which help to prevent cell damage.

The brain is thought to be particularly susceptible to oxidative stress damage which antioxidants help to fight against.

What could we eat to ensure we are incorporating this important nutrient in our diet?

We have so many ways to helping to manage stress and anxiety – everything from medication to acupuncture – but the problem is, these solutions don’t work because they are one dimensional or treat just the symptoms.

The Nurture Project is a multi dimensional wellness solution that recognises that mind and body need to work together in order to beat stress and anxiety and to perform at your best. We believe beating stress and anxiety is a skill you can learn. And those skills are: exercise, nutrition, meditation, self care and sleep.

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