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Learn to Meditate course

This course is for those who are either completely new to meditation or have not meditated in a while.

Over the next 7 days, you will explore how to focus on various meditation objects such as the breath, sound and the body. We will explore the mind and emotional states.

The lessons and meditations in this course will answer some of the most common questions about meditation and give you the tools to help you calmly focus and concentrate your mind, bringing your full awareness to something specific, such as the present moment. You will learn a few different meditation techniques so that by the end of the course you will be able to walk away ready to continue your practise using whichever method suits you best.

Each lesson is around 10 minutes long and they are ideally to be completed in 7 consecutive days.

Lesson 1: The breath and awareness

Lesson 2: Noticing your thoughts. Being the observer

Lesson 3: Your senses and the now

Lesson 4: Noting; recognising thought and emotion

Lesson 5: Intentions

Lesson 6: Visualisation

Lesson 7: Stillness and mantra/pure awareness

meditation tips for beginners

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